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PBL Blog Post

This is my PBL. It was challenging to find information about the Horse and Chariot races to write on my report.  I will tell you the sequence of how I made my PBL Artefact.
1st I cut out the cardboard and taped it together to make the booklet
2nd I write ANCIENT OLYMPIC GAMES on the front cover in Box letters.
3rd I drew the big olive leaf thingy on the front and coloured it.
4th I coloured the letters different shades of blue
5th I drew the shield that had Open To Find About Ancient Olympics.
6th I coloured the shield.
7th I printed my report and cut it into pieces.
8th I glued the report pieces in the inside of booklet.
9th I write by Lachlan Bishop
Then I was done.

This is my report.

The Ancient Olympic Games were the most popular sporting event on Ancient Greece.  There were all different types of sports such as horse and chariot and racing to boxing and wrestling.  Also there was a mixture of many contact sports (Martial Arts, Wrestling etc.) called the Pankration where only the toughest of athletes contested.  The games were held for five days before they ended.  The winners were awarded a prize.  But they weren’t medals.  Read on to find out.

The games were first played in 776 BC in Olympia, which is near the city of Elis.  The only event was a short 200 yard dash in the stadium.  Originally competitors wore a toga for the running race but during one race a man took of his toga and loin cloth (ancient greek underwear) so he could ran faster.  He ended up winning the race.  From then on, athletes competed in the nude.  Sometimes the competitors rubbed olive oil all over their bodies so their bodies would look smooth and muscular.

 Before the events start all athletes, their fathers and trainers  must swear an oath to Zeus that they have trained for 10 months and will obey the rules.  The Ancient Olympics were always held in Olympia.  All the sports were either held in the stadium or the Hippodrome.  On the first day the juniors (12-18 year olds) have their running, boxing and wrestling.  Same as today, the Olympics are held every 4 years in August.

After the athletes have sworn their oath, they go to one of the many altars placed around the altis to give a sacrifice to Zeus such as a liquid offering etc. etc.  In the morning of day 3, 100 ox are sacrificed to Zeus. All of the ox are given by the people of Elis, the city responsible for the Ancient Olympics.  This is the most important event of the games.

 All the athletes and ambassadors from the city-states formed a procession around the Altis (The sanctuary of the gods).  The Procession winds around Hera’s Temple, the Treasuries and the Temple Of Zeus.  They finally halt at the great altar.  At the altar, the thigh bones, wrapped in fat, are placed by the priests on the altar and they are burnt.  The smoke rises to the gods in the sky.  The rest of the ox are saved for a feast.

Running Races
The 200  yard (192 meters) dash was the first ever event in the Ancient Olympics, as for a long time the quick running race was the only event in the olympics, as the Ancient Olympics were originally intentioned to be training for a war.  However the Olympics evolved into a sports event.  The Blast on the herald’s trumpet signals the start if the race.  The race is one length of the stadium.  There was a 400 yard (284 meters) run, which was two laps of the stadium.

Before the 200 yard dash, there is the marathon, which is about 5 kilometers long (3 miles).  During the race athletes will push each other about even try to deliberately trip others.  The last event of the Ancient Olympics is the Hoplitodromos, which is a race with armour on.  The athletes wear a helmet, greaves and a shield.  The run is the same length as the 200 yard dash but is of course harder because of the armor on.  The race first appeared in 520 BC and was the last foot race to be added to the Ancient Olympics.  The use of greaves was abandoned in 450 BC but it was still a decent weight to carry.  Before the greaves were abandoned, the weight was about 22 Kilograms (50 pounds).  Twenty-five shields were kept in the temple of Zeus to ensure that no one cheated using a lighter shield.

Contact Sports
There were three fighting sports in the Ancient Olympics.  They were Boxing, Wrestling and a very dangerous sport known as all-in wrestling or the Pankration.  Boxing may seem not as dangerous as wrestling, but it was.  The athletes had strips of leather around their wrists.  The fighters would get bruised and battered, but wouldn’t give up hope in winning the event.  The fight would go on until one competitor either surrendered or got killed.  It was the same for wrestling.  When a fighter gets his opponent's back or shoulders on the ground and holds it there, it is given as a ‘fall’.  If one athlete get’s 3 ‘falls’, then they are the losers and the other fighter is the winner.  There is no time limit, like in modern wrestling.

 The Pankration is the most dangerous out of all 3 and requires both the skills of boxing and wrestling.  The only rules were no biting and eye-gouging.  But athletes sometimes did both.  The competitors could pull the others hair, strangle them, and stomp on them if they got them on the ground.  It was very dangerous.  The only ways the violent sport ended was the if the athlete gave up or got killed (like boxing and wrestling).  When the Olympics were restarted in 1896, the Pankration was the only sport not to be reawakened.

Chariot/Horse Racing
Chariot and Horseback racing were the first events held in the Ancient Olympics.  The chariot races may seem safer than some sports, but they are not.  They are dangerous and racers  are allowed to bang into another's chariot and try to make them fall off.  This event and the horseback racing is the only events where women could win a prize since the winners were actually the owners of the horse, not the jockey.

 Once the chariot races are done, the horseback races start.  These races are a lot shorter than the chariot race, this being only one lap of the arena.  The riders ride bareback and sometimes the riders fall off and hurt themselves.  The horses that take part in the race are owned by wealthy people, but they mostly don’t race.

The Pentathlon is a competition which has five sports.  In the Ancient Olympics the sports were Discus, Javelin, Long Jump, Wrestling and running.  The first event was the discus were the athletes had to throw a stone, later iron, lead, or bronze, disc as far as they can.  The discus weighed about 2½ kilograms.  The second event was the javelin.  For this, the athletes had to run a short distance with the javelin in their hand and through as far as they could when they got to the starting line (it was on the running track).  Sometimes when the athletes threw they attached a leather loop to where they threw it since it made go further.

 The third event was the long  jump.  The jumping technique is way different than what is used today.  Modernly the athletes have a run up and then jump.  Back in ancient Greece the athletes had to swing weights in their hands and when they gained enough momentum, they jumped as far as they could into a sand pit.  If an athlete had won the first three sports, then the pentathlon was over and the running and wrestling weren’t required.  However if that had not happened.  The run is the 200 yard dash and the wrestling is the same.  The winner is declared to be all round athlete.

Women at the Olympics
In the Ancient Olympics married women were not allowed to compete or watch.  On the other hand, Unmarried women were allowed to watch.  If a lady tried to sneak in and was caught, they would be punished.  The ‘punishments’ were basically ways of getting killed.  One punishment was being pushed off the side of Mount Olympus!  Women also had their own festival called heraia in honour of Zeus’s wife Hera.  In Heraia unmarried women were allowed to compete and married women were allowed to watch.  No one knows if men were allowed to watch.  Many  married ladies tried to sneak in and watch their relatives.  However, once a lady was so desperate to watch her son that she got in as a man!

Feasting and Ending
At the end of day 2, 3 and 5, there was a feast for all athletes and their relatives.  Day 2’s feast was a parade around the Altis.  The winners of the events have hymns sung to them.  On day 3 the meat from the morning’s sacrifice is split between the athletes, special guests such as the ambassadors from other cities, and the spectators.  On day 5, after the all the events have been finished, there is a procession around the Altis, with all the athletes and their families.

 Then comes the moment that every athlete dreams of: stepping up and receiving a prize for winning their event.  The prize is a wreath of olive leaves from a sacred olive tree.  The wreath is like a crown and it is placed  on the athlete's head as all the ribbons are thrown at the athletes.  The final event of the Ancient Olympics is the feasting and the parties.  Everyone eats and sings, knowing it will be four years before this happens again.

Now that you know a lot more about the history of the currently most popular sporting event in the world, maybe you should think about becoming an athlete.  What would you play? Sports that weren’t in Ancient Greece such as basketball, swimming or archery?  Or maybe sports that were in Greece like, running, boxing or wrestling?  Whatever sport, if you want to have an Olympic games under your belt, go out and start training.


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This my slide about Sonny Bill Williams.  He is a famous New Zealand rugby union/rugby league/ boxer.  I'll leave the info the slide.  The websites I used to find this info came form Wikipedia and the All Blacks website.  After reading about I put it down on the slide.  I haven't done a slide about him boxing because I do not really understand how the sport is played.  I did get a photo, though.  The reason some the text is smaller in some slides is because I couldn't fit it in because there was too much writing so I had to minimise it.  He has won many awards, both individual and with a team.  I became better at putting info down on a slide or doc and it making sense.

This is My slide(sorry about the size).

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Danny the Champion of the World

This is my reading task. Danny the champion of the world is a book by Roald Dahl. Our reading group was assigned to read it for the rest of the term. The arguments (the boxes with black and blue writing) were with Ezra who is in my reading group. The first argument me and Ezra were on different sides of the argument, but for the last two arguments we were on the same side. I am in the blue writing and Ezra the black. This book is great for kids and I highly recommend it for 7-11 years of age and it is about Danny and his dad and how Danny discovers his dad deep dark secret. The Google drawing is of Danny's caravan. We had to make it only from evidence from the text. No example, no nothing. What I am proud of is how we argued with 'manners'. Well, that's the way Mrs Hill said it. When we first got this, there was only the first argument and map of the caravan. Mrs Hill added the two new ones later on.

Danny the Champion of the World

We are learning to strengthen our collaborative muscle
Do you think Danny’s father is a good role model for Danny? Why or why not? Give evidence from the text.
Yes apart from leaving his son at home at night because Danny isn’t 14    I think he can be a bad role model like by pretending his son was sick so he didn’t have to go to school.  Yes but Danny is so lucky to not go to school for 2 years But in real days you could get in a lot of trouble with the law for doing those things even though he didn’t like the rich man doesn’t give him a right to steal from him. Yes but it would be really fun and it would have a good taste of revenge and it would be good as long as he didn’t get caught  I think he has got his priorities wrong usually you put the kids future and safety before letting him have fun breaking the law.  Well then he should leave Danny at home but let him know he was going I think he is a good parent to Danny when he is at home helping him tucking him in teaching him but if I was his dad I would tell Danny about it rather than being selfish and going of  breaking the law and leaving Danny at home where he could get hurt but he’s good to Danny most of the time   It is okay if Danny’s okay with it but if his dad did get hurt doing poaching he could tell his son what time he should be home and then if he wasn’t home by then Danny could maybe go look for him or something like that  OK I am going to admit if I were in Danny's position I would love to poach pheasants so I guess Danny likes it But it’s still a bit dangerous but i still Think Danny's dad can be a good parent.  Well he was bad going off in the middle of the night without telling Danny that he was gone but apart from that he is a pretty jolly man who is a good-ish role model OK so he did do a few things wrong but he can be a fun caring dad and he is nice to Danny so we pretty much agree so do you think we have come to a conclusion of him doing a few things wrong but being a nice caring Dad?  Yes I think that we conclude that he is a good-ish dad  OK then that’s settled.
If you were Danny would you have done anything differently when his Dad didn’t return home after his poaching mission? Why or why not? Use evidence from the text. What side are you on?  I think if my family was gonna get shot or in trouble I would try and help even if it was a bit dangerous.  So in what way would you help? In any way possible but for Danny the case was driving the car out to find his father.  I would probably do the same as you said but for Danny to go out driving in a car at the age of 9 is… awesome! Awesome but scary I think he acted well to drive and aid his dad back to the car for his father's safety.  Yes, he did really really well for being a child but also it was pretty awesome when he skidded off the side of the road. Yeah I think it was great what he did for his family's safety. OK so do you agree even though it was quite dangerous it was a good thing to do?  Yes, and also just saying, there was 0% chance of him being shot because all the keepers had gone in for the night but he could’ve fallen down a trap. Yes I think the same and I think we have pretty much had the same thoughts on this throughout the whole discussion.  So is this the end of the argument even though it wasn’t one? Yeah I think so.

Using evidence from the text create a map of Danny’s caravan.

Do you think Danny’s father should have taken Danny poaching? Why? Why not? Use evidence from the text.
I think Danny's Dad should have taken Danny Poaching.  Agreed, because Danny came up with the idea of the raisin’s with the sleeping pill so of course he should come along.  But still I think because of the danger of keepers it made it more exciting and Danny's Dad went poaching his first time when he was Danny’s age.  Yeah, so it was time for Danny to go poaching otherwise it MIGHT be too late to start (Probably not though). But still there was danger but as long as Danny wanted to and he was gonna risk it for the fun it’s fine.  Plus his dad is a boss at poaching. So that means he would be able to care for Danny and make sure they wouldn’t get caught.  Yep, and Danny’s dad has been in that wood loads of times so he would know all the safe places for them to hide and he’s really smart like when he pretended to the keeper that he was just having a evening stroll. So is this the end?  YES ! OK THE END!!!!!!

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In Totara Whanau, we have been learning about the Maori New year, also known as Matariki.  The seven stars are called Uru-a-rangi, Waipuna-a-rangi, Waita, Waiti, Tupu-a-rangi, Tupu-a-nuku and Matariki.  Matariki can be spotted during late May or early June.  Matariki was a time to remember the ones who had died since the last celebration.  But Matariki is also a happy event, with lots of the crops that have grown.  Matariki is a time singing, feasting and dancing.  Matariki celebrations were stopped in 1940, but revived in 2000.  Not many people took part at first, but within a few years thousands of people were following.  Matariki is also known as 'New Zealand Thanksgiving'.
Me and Hunta mixing the fish sauce

Claire cooking the fry bread
For our Matariki we did multiple activities such as cooking, carving, flax weaving, kite making and sewing.  I chose to do cooking.  Cooking was originally meant to be from 9:00 to 11.00 but by 11:00 we hadn't made the fry bread.  So cooking continued past morning tea.  When we were done the fish pie and fry bread, we started getting tables out.  We also got napkins and cups for the fish pie.  When everyone came into the hall, the teachers called students names and they went to get their kai.  The bonus thing about being a chef was you were allowed leftovers. YUM!  To do cooking we used our perseverance muscle to try again when we failed.  An example when I used my perseverance muscle was when I was cutting potatoes and I almost cut my finger.  However I kept on going.  I used my noticing muscle to make sure that I was careful and grated the carrots and cheese the right way. 

Terenzo showing his flax creation

Students carving

Luca and Jack making their kite

Students enjoying their food

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Landscape Art

This is my landscape art.  It was actually easier than I thought.   In our first session we had to practice drawing the vanishing point in our books.  The vanishing point is, for example, when you draw a river or path heading away from the start of the paper, it gets thinner and thinner until it disappears.  That is the vanishing point.  After that Mrs Morris said that we could either do a real landscape or fictional landscape.  I chose fictional.  Mrs Hill showed us her example and then we had to draw a practice in our books.  Next time, we started our art by drawing the road, the house, the hills, the ocean and the sky with a pencil.  After that we started to use the oil pastels.  We had to use 3 shades of one colour.  For my road I used yellow, gold and orange.  The other colours I used were blue, pink, and green.  My sky was light blue and yellow smudged in with a white pastel.  It was really fun though and I am proud of how my art turned out.

I Am Poem

This is my I Am Poem. When we started, the only things on there were the the I am/I wonder/I hear e.g. We had to fill them in with good vocab words and the best nouns and adjectives. The goal was to leave the reader thinking about our poem. My writing goal is vocab and I have definitely used lots. We also had to use describing words and 'in the moment' words. What I could've done better is maybe done some more describing. These are some of the vocab I've used:
Personal Best

I am awesome
I wonder if people try hard to achieve their goals
I hear Max speaking loudly
I see my colourful-ish computer screen
I want to make my parents proud
I am awesome
I pretend I am a rugby player
I feel Max’s elbow touching mine, as we type on our computers
I touch the keys on my computer
I worry about getting in trouble
I cry when I hurt myself (Rarely)
I am awesome
I understand that mistakes are okay
I say kind things about people
I dream of weird stuff
I try my personal best
I hope I get an ultimate pride award at the end of the year
I am awesome

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Creature Writing: The Werewolf

This is my creature writing. For our writing, we could chose either, going down something slippery, getting you tooth pulled out, or about a creature. Mine is DEFINITELY fake (We had a choice). My story was originally called Tom and Bloodwrath, then just Tom, now The Werewolf. I am currently making a second story (Different plot and name, just the same storyline). This took ages to write. My writing goal is vocabulary. I have done quite a lot of vocabulary in my work. It is important to have vocab in your writing because it makes your writing better and makes it more fun. It is a good idea to have vocabulary in your writing because every good writer should have vocab. I am proud of this because it was quite fun to make and I am glad I finished it. I also like it because it's normal at the start (Mostly). Then it starts to get more and more creative. What I could of done better is making it a little shorter, because this took about 2 weeks to make. Plus I had to stay in at Morning tea and Lunch. What I think I have done well is hooking the reader in. It can easily hook you in. Some vocab I used in my story was at the start when I said "All I could see was white, the whole white, and nothing but white". I have lots of description and it is a adventurous, Exciting story.  
These are some of the descriptive words I used in my writing
Whimpering, woozy, devour, ginormous, snarling, stunningly, pummelled, sinister

 Chapter 1: The Snow
The snow blurred in my face.  All I could see was white, the whole white, and nothing but white.  I had Antarctic gear on.  Surely Vancouver was mistaken for Antarctica?  But first let me introduce myself.  I am Lachlan Bishop and I live in Vancouver with my Dad and Brothers Luke, Finn and Max.  Our house was right next to Stanley Park.  We were in the middle of a blizzard and I had decided to sneak out of the house.  
Suddenly I heard a roar,  then a loud bang and finally a whimpering sound.  I took a couple of steps forward to see a black spotted Jaguar lying on the ground.  In the distance I could see a man running away.  He looked rather tall to be human and had a little hunchback, but I had bigger problems to deal with.  The Jaguar had a bleeding leg and was starting to get woozy.  I picked it up.  He was super heavy. As I started to run through the snow, I wrapped the creature in my arms.

 When I arrived back at the house I sprinted into my room and lay it on my lab table.  The other boys were in Luke and Max’s room when they heard me. They busted through the door and stared at the animal in shock.  First I wrapped a bandage around it’s leg.  Then  I wrapped a blanket around it and got a bowl of water.  “One of you go get some meat from downstairs!” I yelled.   Max went to go get the meat.

 Suddenly, the Jaguar opened its yellow eyes and started to lap up the water.  It stood up and jumped off the table. Then, surprisingly, it walked over to me and started to make a purring sound.  At the same time, it brushed against me.  “It likes me” I said.  Max came back up with the meat it was scraped into a bowl.  The Jaguar ran over to Max and waited for him to put the bowl down.  Once he had put it down, the Jaguar started to devour it.  “Let’s call him Tom” Finn suggested.  We all nodded.  Here is a photo of him.  

Chapter 2: What Almost Killed Him?

“Who tried to kill him?” Luke asked.  “I don’t know” I responded.  “He has the dumb, He cannot brain today” Max said.  “He looked a little tall to be Human and had a big hunchback” I said.  Then I snapped my fingers.  “Guys, if we hurry, we can follow the footprints” I yelled.  “Hurry everyone, put on your gear.  We’re going for a snow trip”.

Once everyone had their gear on, we left through the snow.  “Here are the footprints” I shouted.  They were ginormous.  They were like size 1000.  “Let’s follow them” Luke said.  We walked through the snow, Following the Footprints till we came to a little house.  Inside we could lots of snarling and things breaking and crashing.  “This Crack-Sniffer must be some beast” Finn said.  “We’ll come back when the snow has cleared” Max said. “And when that Boo-Boo Butt has calmed down”.

 As I turned around I saw two red eyes peeking from behind the curtains.  Above his right eye was a scar.  “Guys, look behind you, there’s someone peeking from behind the curtains ” I yelled as fast my mouth could form words.  They looked behind me and Luke said “How much cheese have you been eating lately?”.  I frowned at him.  Then they started to walk back to the house.  I secretly agreed with them.  I must of been Imagining.
Chapter 3: Stranger And

“Well, that was crazy” Finn said as we arrived back at the house.  “ Also, Lachlan, you need glasses”.  I didn’t bother arguing.  Tom came and licked my hand.  Suddenly , I heard my dad coming upstairs.  His name is Donald.  He is very smart and thinks he is the most handsome man in the world (IS NOT).  “Hurry, hide Tom” Max yelled.

 But it was too late.  “Who’s To-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” he screamed.  “We are all gonna die!!!!!!  I’ve eaten my last meal and looked at my stunningly handsome reflection in the mirror the last time!!!!!”(he can be a little very emotional).  “Dad, calm down” Luke said.  “We saved his life”.  “Oh” he said, looking embarrassed.  “Well, I came up to say that tea is ready.  We’re having Macaroni and Cheese”.  “YAY” I yelled.  As quick as Quicksilver, I ran down the stairs to have my favourite tea ever.  

  The next morning the snow had cleared up a little, so went to investigate the house that the footprints had lead too.  We took Tom with us, just in case.  KNOCK KNOCK.  Nothing happened.  Suddenly we heard someone coming to the door.  When the door of the tiny cottage opened, we saw a man about 5’7 and with a friendly smile.  He also had a plaster above his eye and was wearing gloves (not surprising, considering it was winter).

 “Hello” he said with a goofy smile.  “You must be the people to pick up the couch”.  “Yes, we are” I lied.  “‘Ome in.” he mumbled.  As we were trying to lift up the couch, he said” Would ya care for a cuppa?”.  “No thanks.  We’re on the move” Luke said.  “BYE!” he yelled.  As I turned around for a second I saw his eyes turn red as he ripped off his plaster.  As quick as lightning I grabbed my phone and started to record it as he turned into a wolf.  Actually, a Werewolf.  He must of been the one who shot Tom in the leg.  Speaking of Tom, he I could see he was growling at the werewolf.  Then the Werewolf noticed Tom was growling.  He quickly changed back into the goofy man.  Now with video proof, the would believe me.
“Check this out” I said.  We had arrived back home and placed the couch in the middle of the bathroom.  Then we had ran upstairs to me and Finn’s room.  I was currently showing them the video on my phone.  “So you haven’t been eating too much cheese lately” Luke said.  “No, I haven’t” I said through gritted teeth.  “If we want to defeat it we will have to gather weapons.” Max said.  “And I know where to get them”.

Chapter 4: Weapons and Fighting

“Shh” Max said.  We were sneaking into Donald’s room to sneak some weapons.  “Let’s take daggers, some energy blasters, pistols… “Good idea” Donald said with a frown.  “Thanks Dad. DAD!!” Luke murmured.  “Why do you guys need all these anyway?” He asked, full of curiosity.  “Well, we are going to kill a werewolf”.  “HAHAHAHA” he laughed.  “That is hilarious”. he said.  I showed him the video on my phone.  “That is real” he said after watching it.  “All right, come with me” he said.

 He then lead us to a secret room behind his closet.  “This is my weapons vault” he said with proudness.  “Each of you can have a backpack that is voice activated.  When you say a weapon it appears in your hand”.  “Sweet!” I said.  “Bow and arrow” Luke said.  Suddenly a bow appeared in his hands and a pack of arrows were on his back.  “Awesome!” he yelled.

30 minutes later we were all outside the werewolf’s house.  Donald and Finn were covering the the front.  Me and Luke were on the sides and Max on the back.  Suddenly the wall bust open on my side and out came the werewolf.  I shot my energy blaster at him but it did nothing to him.  He roared, then leaped at me.  I dodged him, but he wasn’t out.  Suddenly an explosive arrow landed near me.  Quickly I jumped out of the way, but I still got some of the force.  I was still woozy from the explosion, so the Werewolf took his chance.  He leaped over to me and slammed his fist into my head.  The last thing I saw was the Werewolf’s red eyes.  Then everything went black.

Chapter 5: A Suit Made Of Metal

I woke up in the snow.  My head hurt.  I peeked up and saw Luke, Finn, Max and Donald fighting the werewolf.  My backpack looked pretty shaken up.  I grabbed it and put on my back.  “Teleporter” I said weakly.  All of a sudden, the teleporter was in my hand.  Also, my backpack fell apart and broke.  I set the settings on the teleporter and pressed the button.  Suddenly I was gone.

Meanwhile, the fight was getting tough.  The only thing that was keeping the 3 boys and their father alive was their agility.  “Thermo Blaster” Donald yelled, while dodging another blow.  A thermo blaster appeared on his wrist.  But he was too slow.  The werewolf punched him on the jaw.  This sent him to the ground, unconscious .  Max jumped on the werewolf, but the werewolf grabbed his arm and slammed him on the ground.  He, too, was unconscious.  Luke was pummelled by the werewolf onto the ground.  He was also uncon… well, you get the idea.  The werewolf grabbed onto Finn’s shirt and slammed him into the house.  He then brought out his claws, preparing to stab them into Finn’s chest.  “I’m going to enjoy this” he said with a growl.

Just then something smashed into him.  A man in a metal suit (A.K.A. ME!).  The werewolf skidded through the snow before coming to a stop in the snow.  Finn got a thermo blaster out.  “Who are you?” He asked with caution.  I lifted up the mask of my suit.  “It’s me” I said with a grin.  “ROOOAAARRR!!!!!!”.  The werewolf was charging towards me.  I stepped sideways and CRASH!  The werewolf smashed into the house.  “Where did you find that suit?” He asked.  “In the weapons room behind some old photos”.  The werewolf suddenly burst out of the building.  His eyes were BULGING Red.  He charged towards Finn in fury.  Finn quickly avoided him.  But this time the werewolf stopped.  He spun around and started to charge at him again.  I flew to the house and when he got into my path, I shot with my repulsors (energy bursts) at him.  This blast knocked him off course and onto the snow.  As he started to get back up, I started to shoot him with my repulsor rays.  Then Finn joined me by shooting his thermo blaster.  This managed to keep him on the ground for a few seconds, but it wasn’t enough.  Suddenly 3 other thermo blasters joined in.  Max, Luke and Donald were back up.  The werewolf started to crack, with blue light coming out of him.  “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” He yelled.  All of a sudden, he was gone.

“What happened?” I asked.  “He must of been taking on too much energy at once.  It was so much, that his body could not absorb it and he disappeared” Donald said.  “Wow” Max said.  Later, back at the house, we put our weapons back in the weapons room (even though I begged Donald for me to keep my metal suit).  “Hopefully nothing else comes to town” I said.  Everyone nodded.  Unknown to us something very sinister was lurking…